Sage Roofing raises £1641 for Acorns Hospice

Sage Roofing Charity Walk Team

Over the course of the weekend 21-22nd September 2013, employees at Sage Roofing undertook the challenge of completing a sponsored walk in the Cotswolds supporting the Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Acorns Children’s Hospice

Acorns Children’s Hospice is a cause which relies upon local support for much of its funding.  They are based in the West Midlands and vow to offer each child in their care the opportunities to enjoy every salvation that they can with constant care and attention from dedicated staff and nurses. Acorns also offer assistance for the children’s families through professional guidance, support and knowledge at their disposition to aid them through these unimaginable circumstances. To be able to offer these services, Acorns desperately requires local support through charitable events, functions and pledges. It costs on average £7,500 per day to run each of the three hospices which equates to around £8,000,000 annually. Acorns do receive statuary funding which aids to around a third of annual funding, so the rest is required through charitable means.

Here’s the Good News

For every £1 raised through charitable causes, Acorns raises a total of £5.19. This shows that every penny really does count towards giving these children and their families a better life and better opportunities. Sage Roofing has raised a total of £1,641 to date, not inclusive of gift aid. We thank you all for your fabulous contributions which will really help to make a difference to the lives of these children and their families. For further information on Acorns Children’s Hospice and for ways that you can help out, visit

The Cotswolds Walk

Going for a total of approximately 30 miles over the course of two days, we started the venture in Painswick heading towards Charlton Kings. Aside from minor initial detours at the beginning (consider it a training exercise), the route meandered up and down slopes, through woodlands and over hills with the beautiful Cotswolds countryside cascading around us.

The first day proved to be tougher than expected as limbs became weary and joints creaked through the green pastures. As we toiled along towards our destination in Charlton Kings (which coincidentally happened to offer refreshing beverages), the miles fell behind us as the day wore on. Soon into the walk we inadvertently split into two groups, and it almost became a challenge to beat the other team to the finishing line.

Charity Walk View


Team members were knocking back the painkillers and fighting through the blisters to get to the end of the first day. We gained a second wind as realisation kicked in that we weren’t far from our checkpoint, and a final burst of pace kicked in. Upon first sighting of our evening accommodation, we sensed overall relief as we could finally find the comfort of a cushioned seat and make our acquaintances with the bar environment. Shortly after our arrival, the second group arrived with puffed out cheeks and fresh perspiration; and we commenced an evening of relaxation combined with fine food and beverage.

The second day started at Winchcombe and again finished at Charlton Kings. The atmosphere in the group was more relaxed on this leg as the route was shorter with less inclines planned. The scenery from the beginning was beautiful as we gazed over the Cheltenham townscape. The passage was pleasant as we navigated our way along the Cotswolds way.

Upon completion, we basked in the afternoon sunshine, reflecting upon the walk we had just completed. Discussion was jovial and rife with plans for next year’s charitable event as ideas were concocted as to how we could support this excellent cause again. The walk was certainly a success from a Sage Roofing perspective, as not only were we able to support a wonderful local charity, but also enjoy ourselves in doing so in the crisp, clean air of the countryside.

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