Sage ‘Reefing’: Coral Reef Conservation

Sage Reefing

As a company we are committed to the environment and the rejuvenation of natural resources. We are currently targeting the ISO 14001 environmental standard to indicate our dedication to conservation of the ecology as well as to strive in continual commitment for the reduction of industrial waste and reducing our carbon footprint as an organisation. ip info . An innovative way in which we are giving back to the planet is through a recent investment in coral reef conservation and plantation.

The scheme, based in Vabbinfaru in the Maldives, is designed to help the coral reef flourish with an initial human stimulation, and over a period of years the underwater forest can become self sustaining with the ambition of stabilising marine wildlife in the area. Even though our industry doesn’t directly affect the coral; we want to set a precedence whereby we want to positively impact sectors outside of our own industry ranging from our own community as well as on a global scale. We shall provide continual updates of the progress of the scheme as well as any other charity and community work that we support or are engaged in.