Meet Our Sponsored Guide Pups

Sage Roofing is proud to announce that we are now sponsoring two sprightly young puppies “Rio” and “Katy” to become guide dogs for the blind. Guide Dog training receives no government funding so and is therefore totally dependent upon voluntary contributions and donations.

KatyRio Picture


Above you’ll find Katy on the left and Rio on the right. Their funding is so crucial in order to help with training, vets’ bills and of course food!

Guide dogs can have a hugely beneficial effect on the life of a visually impaired person, enabling them to live independently and provide constant companionship, which in many cases is invaluable.

Guide dog training is understandably rigorous and it may be that not all puppies are suitable to become Guide dogs. In that event, these puppies are often used as assistance dogs by other organisations, or sometimes they are simply re-homed with a loving family.

We are hoping to add more pictures of Rio and Katy shortly. So keep your eyes peeled and remember to check back here for more updates on our young puppies’ progress!